Photographer / Blogger

Roberto Machado

I was looking for the Great Beauty
but I couldn’t find it.

Hi, I’m Robert. Welcome to Miradasu, my blog about photography. Although I am from Barcelona, I am currently based in Taipei, Taiwan, where I live, love and work since 2010. I work in tech although recently I am developing my skills on the digital marketing.

I began taking photography seriously since 2010, when I arrived to Taiwan and I got my first reflex camera, which I still keep. During these years I have been developing my photography skills in an environment as attractive as Taipei. Although I enjoy shooting almost anything, I have learned that I feel very confortable shooting street photography, and after some experiences, I would like to make more fashion shootings too. I also shoot film photography, and if you follow this blog, you will see some of the rolls I shoot.

Besides taking pictures, I also write as much as I can. You can visit my blog about Taipei and Taiwan, where I write about my life in this city and about its secret places.

Enjoy the blog and feel welcome to comment with your experiences in photography.

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